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Hey Hey

September 3, 2009

Hello my name is Kyle Fuchko, also known as Sucros.  I’m someone who considers himself an intermediate Magic: the Gathering player, with a knack for rogue deckbuilding.  I’m just just taking my first steps into the world of tournament magic.  I’ve noticed that there are a great many resources out there for beginning magic player, explaining the basics, and a massive number of articles out there exploring the minutiae of competitive level magic.

What I’ve found is a lack of support for the bridge between.  What the heck is “Rock”?  How does mono-black control work, and is it viable in standard? Why does no one play Mycoid Shepherd?  As someone who’s looked into such things simply from experience, I thought I’d pass such things on.

Example topics I might cover in the future include “The role of black in control”, “Spotting synergy and combos” and “Why Wretched Banquet is awesome.”

I hope I’ll be able to provide some worthwhile information for you, my as of yet nonexistent readers.