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Roflthopters everywhere!

October 10, 2009

Buh!  It seems like everyone’s talking about the Roflthopter deck.  There goes my rogue “element of surprise”.  Oh well.  While I’m a bit disappointed that it’s everywhere, I am excited that I managed to come up with an extended worthy deck, even though it’s highly likely others came up with it on their own too.

As I’m starting to get more and more hits from people looking for decklists for the Roflthopter deck, I might has well share my experience with the deck, as I’ve been playing it for 3 months longer than almost anyone else.


Roflthopter is in a bit of a bad position, as it suffers from graveyard hate AND artifact hate.  Ancient Grudge is painful, Kataki doubly so.  A good counterspell or into the roil can keep kataki off your tail, but Ancient Grudge is bad news.  Remand will buy you a turn, mana leak won’t even do that.

Graveyard hate can also break up your combo.  Relic of Progenitas in the right time can take you from “going off” mode to “let’s find another one of those damn swords” mode.  You rarely have enough time to find it.

Extirpate targeting the sword checkmates the deck, unless you have another in play.  If your opponent has extirpates in their deck, you have two options: don’t start making thopters until you have a second sword, or risk being shut out of the game for one black mana.  Neither are good options, luckily, extirpate isn’t kicking around that often.

I’m still trying to find the perfect time sieve number.  Against some decks, like Tron, you want four in your deck.  Against Wizards, its rarely an issue.  I’m currently running 3 main and one in the board.

Sideboarding advice:

The Wizards deck is a pushover if you can get the thopter foundry to stick.  This can be hard, as their goal is to stop you from doing *anything*, and a savvy player will pick up on the keystone of your deck and focus on it.  A bad player will counter the sword.  Gigadrowse during an opponent’s end step is by far the best answer to this.

Zoo can be a bit terrifying.  It’s clock is about half a turn faster than mine, typically.  I’m testing lethargy trap in the board, to see how this does.  Generally, if your opponent doesn’t meet the trap conditions, you don’t need to cast it yet.

I really don’t see any need to sideboard against affinity specifically.  Every so often they’ll nuke you before you’re ready, but it’s a really positive matchup.

While I haven’t played against hedron crap dredge yet, it’s theoretical clock is about the same pace as mine.  Not sure I want to devote any sideboard slots to this or not, may just want to duke it out.

Most builds of hypergenesis are a joke if you have counterspells in your deck.  I just happen to have some.  There’s a blue-centric one I’m worried about though.  Every once in a while, hypergenesis lets you go off faster than planned.

Dragonstorm needs to start running gigadrowse or the like.  Until it does, a well-placed counter can really mess them up, even if it’s just a remand.

I haven’t seen a scapeshift build that adequately answers counterspells yet.  But the potential *is* there.

Ultimately, this may not be the year for Roflthopter, with all the artifact hate running around.  But time will tell.