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A game for the books

September 27, 2009

It’s Saturday the 26th. I’m in the BCIT cafeteria, at the  Zendikar prerelease.  Round 3 game 3.  I’m packing a solid agressive white/red deck.  I’ve got a good low curve, a small amount of burn, 3 plated geopedes, a day of judgement and am eternity vessel.  I’ve got 4 lands in my hand, five in play, a kor skyfisher that’s managed to whittle down my opponent.  I’ve got a pillarfield ox, an eternity vessel, and a day of judgment in hand.  I’m trying to pretend I’m flooded, and it’s working.

My opponent plays a land, breaking his ior ruin expedition, draws two cards, finally giving him some more creatures to play.  He drops two guys, and comes at me for four.  It’s wrath time.  It’s pretty clear by the look on my opponents face and the way he’s been playing that he has one spell in his hand, max.  I’ve got this, right?

An ally hits the board,   no biggie.  Another ally hits the board.  The guy’s now packing some beef.  No worries, I play the eternity vessel, putting no less than 16 counters on it.  Considering I have3 lands in hand, I’m sitting pretty.

Then come the barrage of allies.  With explorer’s scope and good card draw, he keeps pressure on me, wreaking havoc with a murasa pyromancer.  My spidersilk net-equipped ox does a brilliant job of keeping the pressure off, occasionally eating an attacker.  Every so often I draw a creature or removal spell, and whittle the guy down to 2 life.

Ultimately, with an aura and +1/+1 counters, my opponent ends up with a 6/6, and comes at me swinging, turn after turn.  Luckily, I’m mana flooded.  Turn after turn, my life reset to 16.  I got down to 3 once, only to play yet another land.  I’m playing a mad game of stall until my last burn spell comes up.  It never came.

I won when my opponent decked himself.