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And I’m back!

January 6, 2010

Sorry for the hiatus, my faithful reader. (This isn’t me attempting to form a bond as though I’m speaking to you directly, my stats indicate that I have roughly one reader)  I work in the liquor industry, and people like their booze come Christmas time.  But now I’m back, and I have time to do what I do.  So here’s what you missed in the magic career of Kyle.

I proved that it’s possible to build a deck that has a good game against Jund.  However, I also proved that most decks that can beat Jund don’t stand a chance in the current, hyper-agressive metagame by piloting my pacifism deck to an abysmal 1-4 drop at states.  But I beat Jund!

I churned out a large number of standard decks, none of which have much use, and grew a bit disdainful of the current card pool.

And then Extended.  I managed to successfully tinker with an old archetype and pilot it quite well at the first Seattle PTQ of the season. I went 5 and 3, and the last loss was entirely due to a missed optional trigger, when I had the game entirely won.  Unfortunately, the surprise factor was a huge part of my good run, so I don’t really feel ready to share my list with the public quite yet.

Speaking of extended, time to talk about my thopter foundry deck.  As you probably know, the archetype has picked up and taken on a life.  My version of the deck is very narrow and probably not the best version to play.  I was building in a vacuum, and the meta has taken the idea and improved upon it vastly.  The articles I wrote on it are still instructive, as they contain valuable information on building combo decks from scratch, but please don’t use the decklist.  It’s an embarassment.