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Planechase is awesome

September 6, 2009

I made my way to One Stop for my local planechase release party.  Boy do I like this product.  While I love deckbuilding, really enjoy a really intense tournament game, and love limited; by far my favorite times playing magic involve sitting around a table, drinking a beverage or two, and playing big multiplayer free-for-alls with my high school friends.  (That, or our variant of emperor, if there’s six of us)  This product is built exactly for that.

The intensely swingy nature of the planes ads a huge element of randomness to the game, which is a great means of leveling the playing field a bit.  I had an absolute riot playing it.  When I’m having a lot of fun, I tend to get loud, and laugh boomingly.  I suspect my reactions were drawing positive interest, as the shop owner kept trying to get me to play in more games.

As an additional plus, the rare density and card playability is significantly higher than normal for what 25 (Canadian) dollars normally get you.  I’d been looking into making an Arcum Dagsson EDH deck, and I just netted myself a lodestone myr, a darksteel forge, a loxodon warhammer, and a bunch of other great stuff.

Buy it!  I want the product to be a massive success, so that they’ll make more.